Streaming Chocolate Decorating Tutorials and Cake Decorating Class Favorites
This is combination list of my available videos, as well as online classes I've taken (or hope to soon) and enjoyed.

Many cake decorating techniques can be translated into chocolate. In most cases you can substitute modeling chocolate for fondant, and melted/tempered chocolate for things like piping with buttercream and royal icing. Just remember, chocolate hardens quickly when piping. Practicing with buttercream/royal icing first with make it easier to pipe with chocolate...

Chocolate Decorating Mash-up with Katreece Montgomery

This is a fusion of my two previously released chocolate decorating DVDs, The Chocolate Garden and Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets. Along with updates, templates, and more. Learn a little about a lot of decorating techniques. Watch video preview on left. $35. ON SALE $29!

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How to Make Chocolate Flowers with Robin Robins

Learn several types of beautiful chocolate flower decorations and leaves for cake decorating and dessert garnishing. Plus how to temper chocolate, with professional chocolate artist Robin Robins of Robin Art Chocolate.

Robin demonstrates how to airbrush cocoa with chocolate, chocolate transfer sheets and more. Watch video preview on left and be amazed! $29 More..

how to temper chocolte class

How to Temper Chocolate with Robin Robins

If you want to make beautiful and shiny chocolate decorations, you'll need to learn how to temper your chocolate first. Pastry chef and chocolate artist Robin shows you her favorite way to temper chocolate. Learn how to temper chocolate now, and you'll be on your way to creating exquisite chocolate garnishes in no time! $19 More...

modeling chocolate

Intro to Modeling Chocolate with Lauren Kitchens

Lauren Kitchens teaches you to concoct, color, texture and transform modeling chocolate, taking it to new heights and bringing it into your kitchen. Add modeling chocolate to your cake decorating bag of tricks!

In Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes, cake artist Lauren Kitchens shows you how to create textured, colorful cake embellishments from this easy and versatile medium. $29.99 More...

chocolate cake class

Chocolate Cakes with Alice Medrich

Learn to melt and handle chocolate like an expert as Alice teaches you how to marble, glaze and decorate delicious cakes. With her detailed instruction, you'll bake the decadent recipes included in this class.

Impress your family and friends with the sleek Queen of Sheba, the Ultimate Chocolate Birthday Cake and the Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle Cake, plus a bonus chocolate centerpiece. $39.99 More...

piping class

Modern Piping with with Joshua John Russell

Discover Joshua's signature techniques for perfectly piped details, from ornate monograms to sculpted cake jewelry and gilded accents. You’ll learn how to make royal icing and pipe sophisticated designs for wedding cakes or any occasion cake that calls for elegance and panache. $39.99 More...

cake decorating class

Custom Lettering & Monograms with Nicholas Lodge

Join cake decorating legend Nicholas Lodge for a comprehensive class on personalizing cakes with custom lettering and monograms. Get comfortable creating impressive lettering with freehand and color-flow royal icing techniques. Create scintillating messages by painting and piping with metallics.

Learn essential custom lettering and monogramming techniques for messages that complement your designs and highlight the occasion. $29.99 More...

High-Fashion Heels with Elisa Strauss

Create unbelievably realistic, custom sugar shoes with or without a kit. Join cake artist Elisa Strauss as she guides you step by step through making a strappy stiletto, a leopard-print peep toe and even a pointed mule. Make both high and low heels by hand or using a mold. $39.99 More..

cake decorating class

Tropical Sugar Flowers with Alan Dunn

Discover an oasis of vibrant sugar flowers and alluring accoutrements with master sugar artist Alan Dunn. Create a breathtaking bauhinia complete with a beautiful bud and hearts entangled foliage. Bring a romantic hibiscus flower to life with eye-catching dimension and complete the look with a realistic bud, exotic berries and heart-shaped leaves.$39.99More...


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