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I love to make beautiful chocolate decorations for garnishing desserts, cake and cupcake decorating, to embellish a candy buffet, gift giving or for pure lip-smacking enjoyment . Who needs a reason to play with chocolate? I sure don't.


A few years ago, I started experimenting with the creative side of chocolate. I'm a professional videographer/editor and artist of sorts, and love to make creative, silly, and fun videos that make people laugh (I'm a nut case, but more on that later). I decided to combine my profession with this new chocolate hobby by making a few instructional Youtube videos to share my latest chocolate decorating discoveries with the world.

I received a nice response and Youtube featured a few of my videos (yay for me!), this lead to producing my instructional chocolate decorating DVDs . I try to simplify techniques as much as possible for the home chef.

How to make a Rockin' Chocolate Bow with Katreece and Nicole


San Francisco chocolate salon


One of the best things about my chocolate hobby is the wonderful people I meet. Also, my affiliation with the San Francisco Chocolate Salon for the past 4 years . Life is sweet.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo Katreece 

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