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About The Chocolate Addict and Katreece Montgomery

I'm an artist and designer of sorts, with a mega sweet tooth who loves to dabble in chocolate. Although I'm not a professional chocolatier (more of a chocolate enthusiast), I've taught many classes, workshops and demos on chocolate decorating to both children and adults in the San Francisco bay area.

All of this happened by accident really, after posting a few silly chocolate inspired Youtube videos (that Youtube featured, yay me!), it just kind of stuck. At the time I was considering the idea of creating "The Chocolate Addict": a comic book, so I decided to use the name for this project. But still hoping to bring the real Chocolate Addict to life one day, in the form of a book/animation.


I've produced 2 instructional chocolate decorating DVDs; " The Chocolate Garden", and "Chocolate Decorating with Transfer Sheets" (re released as one in 2015; "Chocolate Decorating Mash-up"). As well as an online collaboration course "Chocolate Flowers" with professional chocolate artist and pastry chef Robin Robins.

As a tasting judge for the International Chocolate Salon in San Francisco since 2012, (as well as a judge for the San Francisco Taste Awards, and other chocolate/dessert events), meeting rockstar chocolatiers and devouring all of their chocolate is really what I do best :).

Compulsive doodling, spending time on my current sweets inspired illustration collection, and playing the drums is what I enjoy most.

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